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Digital Files Coming Your Way!

I am so excited for this journey that I'm on. I'm offering digital files in my Etsy shop now. So far I offer them in .PNG files, .studio3 files, and .SVG. If you do not have the Silhouette Design Studio software installed on your computer, don't try and open the .studio3 file. Your computer will not be happy with you! :)

Okay, first up is my bandage collection. It's a bandage and three note cards which I've designed. These are transparent files -- they do not print in color (on purpose), which is an improvement from my last set. Now you have the freedom to print on colored (or patterned) card stock and save printer ink. The dimention ratio is 1.5 to 3.5, but you can print them the size you want.

I added color to the photo to give you an idea of the possibilities. Simply click on the photo to be taken to the shop listing:

Next up is my kitchen mixer image, allso offered in the same file formats. How cute is this? It would be perfect on a card or pocket letter!

This prints in two color options. Again, click on the image to be taken to the shop listing:

Thank you all for your wonderful support in this process. I've been designing images, but sharing those files is new to me.

In case you were wondering, yes I will continue to share FREE files as well!

If you make anything with my images and share online, I'd love it if you could tag me: #LollyFiles

Blessings to all! Lolly

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