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Magnetic Name Tag Tutorial

Magnetic name tags are the BOMB. I was thrilled when they were first created, because I don't like putting holes in my clothing in order to wear a name tag. Now I want a name tag for my crafting aprons (for when I take classes), so I knew magnetic was the way to go!

I had an oval wooden shape that I chose for my new name tag, and I wanted my business card logo on it.

So I uploaded the log into Silhouette Design Studio and designed a print and cut file. I painted the oval shape white, and I used Mod Podge to attach the image. I also sealed the image with two coats of Mod Podge when I was done. In the photo, I can tell that the last coat was not fully dry yet.

Then I scavenged through my husband's work shop and found two metal washers. I glued a 3/8" wide, 1/32" thick N52 magnet onto one of them, using E6000. Do not use a hot glue gun, as it's not permanent.

I also glued the plain washer onto the back of the name tag.

After using Glossy Accents to glue a few turquoise "beads" to the front of the name tag, it's done.

I just hold the tag to my apron and put the magnet behind the apron to secure it. With one magnet, the name badge can spin in orientation if nudged. To prevent this, two magnets can be used, which is also preferable if the tag will be used on a thicker garment.

Happy crafting! Lolly

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