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Glue Test: Paper Clips

Most of you know that I adore paper clip art. As a matter of fact, I started a Facebook group called Paper Clip Art. Well, have you ever noticed that those paper clips /planner clips that are made with bobby pins tend to fall apart? They consist of a super tiny surface area on the bobby pin where the design element is attached.

That little disc on the end of that bobby pin is where the embellishment attaches. That means that if I'm going to reattach, I need a good permanent glue, right? At Creativation this year, I met the wonderful folks at the SUPERTite booth, and they gave me this Multi-Grab 360. This is a low smell to no smell glue with zero cancer, birth defect, and reproductive harm warnings. According to the directions, we should apply a small amount to both surfaces to be bonded, wait two minutes, assemble the items, and apply pressure for 30 seconds. Full permanency is obtained in 24 hours. However, I am told that we can assemble the parts immediately, but the longer we wait (up to ten minutes), the stronger the hold. I decided to wait five minutes after applying the glue.

I can already tell that I applied excess glue on both pieces. Perhaps the use of a toothpick to apply the exact amount would help in tiny areas. I waited five minutes and attached the pieces.

And although I have extra glue, when it dried, it was not tacky to the touch. I waited 24 hours and then put it to the Tugging Test -- I tugged on it and am super happy with the hold!

I have done another paper clip project, which I have on video. Check it out here:

So my two experiences with the glue have been very satisfactory, especially given the fact that it has neither a toxic smell nor any cancer warnings. It's going to be a "keeper."

Our friends at Supertite have generously offered a discount code to you! If you spend over $6, use code Just-Glue-It for 10% off, or if you spend over $8, use code: SupertitePalooza for 25% off. Click the logo below to shop (not an affiliate link):

I think you'll be more than happy with your purchases! Stickin' together,


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