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Packing for the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo

Are you going to the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, crop, or other craft retreat? I have attended the Expo for one day to take classes, and I've also attended the entire weekend crop, including the Mega Make & Take. The most common question is, "What craft supplies do you take with you?" I thought I'd share some tips with you to get you started, if this is your first time.

I've broken it down into seven categories, in the order that I make my list. When I make my list, I add a question mark after an item I'm not sure about at the moment, and I make the final decision when I see how much room I have.

1. What is in a basic paper crafting kit?

Adhesives -- liquid glue, tape runners, pop dots

Paper cutters -- trimmer, scissors, hole punch

Craft mat


Paper (card stock, scrap paper)

Pencil, pen

2. What do I need to bring to each class? At the Expo and other classes, there is a supply list so you know what to bring. I add these to my list. Here are some I've been required to bring in the past.

Ink pad

Apron (for messy projects)

Baby wipes

Detail scissors


Water brush

Watercolor paper

Black permenent marker, fine tip

3. What projects do I want to work on between classes? This determines the particular items I need that aren't already on my list. This time I have two projects I want to work on, so this is what I'm planning to bring.

Disney Album(s):

Disney-themed scrapbooking supplies (I have them already in an IRIS case and pouch)

Paper clip blanks *

Permanent glue

Tab punch board

Mini envelope punch board

Stamps, inks, stamp cleaning supplies?

December Daily prototype:

6X6 paper pad and scrap paper to make a prototype

Craft blade

Old cereal box

My pattern book (this is where I write down the dimensions and drawings of projects I create)

Bling, embellishments

Photo printer. I currently use the HP Sprocket **

4. What craft tools do I want to bring to play with?

Mini Evolution Advanced


5. What tools will help keep my table spot organized and tools handy?

Table-edge storage items like cup holders, scissor holders

Folding table rack ***

Craft caddy -- great for putting a LOT of items in arm's reach

6. What items will help me stay comfortable?

Comfortable shoes

Seat cushion

Small crossbody purse for shopping, so I can have your hands free

Water bottle

Light sweater to layer with, in case I get chilly

7. What craft supplies can I bring to donate to the Trash to Treasure table? For those who have signed up for the all day crop on Friday +/or Saturday, there is a table in the crop room where we can donate items from our stash and also take home items from the table that others have donated. I've been gathering supplies for a couple of months now, so I'll have plenty to bring!


Note: you will be able to purchase products there at the Expo, so you don't have to bring it all. However, make sure you have room to bring your purchases home!

1. Pack smaller sizes of supplies when possible. You usually don't need the large glue bottles.

2. Bring a couple of reusable shopping bags.

3. You will meet a lot of new friends. If you have time, it's a nice gesture to make little goodies to share such as pins, stickers, etc. It's also nice to have a way of sharing your info (phone number, email, etc.), so cards are helpful.

4. Take along a phone charger. This is important! You'll be taking a lot of pictures, and your battery will run low. You can recharge the charger each night after the event.

5. There are large crafting tools in the crop room, for those who have signed up for the crop, so you will have access to a paper trimmer and die cutting machine.

6. Don't worry about not being able to carry all your purchases. You can check your bags of purchases in the lobby and pick them up later.

I hope that helps you get started, and if you're in the Denver Expo, make sure you say hello!

*A Paper Clip Blank is a paper clip with snap-on white plastic disc that becomes a quick decorating surface. They are available in my shop. Click the image below for the link.

**The HP Sprocket prints 2X3 photo stickers of what's on your phone, so you can take a photo of you and your new friends at the Expo and print copies for all of you! Click the image below for a link.

**These wire shelves are convenient for doubling your space. Supplies can go under and on top of it! Click image below for the link.

Happy travels,


disclaimer: Amazon links are affiliate links. That means that if you purchase using those links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support my blog and YouTube tutorials.

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