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Free Printables for Your December Daily

Are you ready for another free download? This file includes One PDF of the numbers 1-25. There is a complete set of one inch round dates and complete set of one inch square dates on each page. You can print them out on whatever color of card stock you wish. I've printed onto red and to green.

Also included in the file are two sheets of Christmas sentiments -- one is a .docx file with the pretty font you see, and the other is a PDF of Times Roman font. If you would like to share these files with your friends, please give then a link to this blog, rather than sharing the files directly with them. Thank you!

Click the image below to get your files. You do not need to have a Dropbox account. Just select to download the files.

I will be using my print outs in this year's December Daily video series, which I have just started filming. Check out the intro here:

I hope you enjoy your December!


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