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Adorable CRAFT TOTE with FREE Pattern!

I am sooo excited about this one. I literally lost sleep in anticipation of making this project for you, and then (of course) I had crafty dreams about it!

I designed this craft tote so that it could be made with a paper trimmer and scoring board. No die cutting machines or digital cutting machines are required!

For part one, I show how to construct the basic version of the tote. That tutorial is here:

In part two, we'll decorate this one, and in part three, I'll show how to create a more advanced version of this tote. Are you ready? Let's get you that free pattern! Please, if you have friends who want the pattern, give them a link to my video or this blog post. Do not send them the pattern file itself. Thank you!

To get your pattern, click the image below:

Thank you for creating with me! Lolly

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