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"What's it For??"

"How is this used?"

"What would you do with it?"

"What's it for?"

Variations of this question comprise a considerable amount of comments on my videos.

Sometimes a craft project is just to inspire creativity and create joy. It doesn't have to serve a specific function, such as a cover for a tissue box or a costume for a party. Sometimes it's a mixture of both; a craft project might have a functional purpose while also having more decorative elements than we are used to for that purpose. An example would be the journals and booklets we create in the crafting world. If I purcase a journal from the store, it will consist of lined pages (or sometimes blank pages, graph pages, dotted pages, etc.). Sometimes there will be a pocket in the back for photos. However, crafters tend to make "journals" with very little space for writing or sometimes NO space for writing -- we call those art journals.

Art journals make great gifts. Photos can be added to them, memorabilia can be added to the pockets, or they can be left in their original decorative state. I always try to add pockets and at least some room for journaling cards or memorabilia, so that if I'm inspired to, I can add to the lovely little journals later on.

"Yes, but what do you do with them?" Let me answer a question with a question. Do you have any coffee table books, art books, picture books, etc., on your table? You know, those are the books that people just leaf through and soak in the beauty of the images. Similarly, do you have paintings on your walls? Framed art of any type on your walls? Any other decor or plaques on your walls? Has anyone ever asked, "But what's it for?" Most likely, no one has ever asked you this, because it's understood that those items are to inspire creativity and create joy. So that is my answer to many of the questions I have received. The creation does not have to have any other function than that.

Many projects do have functions, such as the altered paper clips I make. You know what paper clips are for, so I won't explain that one.

Please know that no one is being scolded here. I am hoping to create an environment where it's OKAY. It's OKAY to create something that makes you happy. It's OKAY to create something that doesn't actually perform an activity in your home. It's definitely OKAY to create something that makes you smile and makes you want to pick it up and look at it again and again. That's what art does. Give yourself permission to enjoy what you make.

On a side note, I've also been told many times that you don't journal, because you have nothing to say. First of all, I believe you have plenty to say. Don't sell yourself short. Also, if you really don't think you could fill a journal, start collecting great quotes that inspire you, and write those in the journal. You'll be surprised how stimulating that can be!

So if I can encourage you today with one thought, it's give yourself permission to enjoy your creations.

Have a great day, and thank you for creating with me! Lolly

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Sep 10, 2021

What a great post!

thank you Lolly!!


Sep 10, 2021

I completely agree with you, Lolly. There have been many times when you have inspired me to do something so I could use my scraps! For me, crafting is therapeutic. It can also be a nice way to bless someone with God-given talents! So, thank you for your post and don't stop inspiring others!

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