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Vintage Images -- Free Download

I have always had a fascination with vintage photos and papers. They take me to a time before I was born, and I love to imagine what life was like back then!

Recently I purchased a copy of the New York Times from November, 1922. I had thought I might be able to use it in crafting somehow, but the paper turned out to be too brittle. That's when I had my brainstorm: I could scan the image into my computer, and then I could print the image as often as I wanted, only on stronger paper. This way I could use the image in several crafts, not just one!

Today I found another such treasure: a periodical from May, 1929. I have scanned the cover of it for similar use. I am excited about using these images in junk journals, but I also just realized that the date of this one does not put it in the public domain yet, so I am not able to share it. I have deleted the file. Sorry for that confusion, but I need to be careful.

I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to share this blog post with your friends and share the fun!

Copy the following links and paste into your browser to get the free downloads:

New York Times image:

UPDATE: I had to delete the Grit paper due to it not being in public domain yet.

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