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Bunny Bottoms!

Bunny Bottom clips by Lolly

These are just too stinkin' cute!

I saw some bunny bottom stickers and loved them so much that I designed my own bunny bottom file.

Now I can print and cut out bunny bottoms whenever I want!

Click the image to the right to be taken to my Estsy listing for this file. Note: there is NO white circle on the bunny -- you will need to glue a white hole punch circle or a white pom pom for the tail (I used Fabri-Tac adhesive).

How does this work? When you purchase a digital file, you get an immediate download link to a zip file --that's a file that's compressed and can be opened by clicking on it. Save the files to your computer and use whenever you want! What are the files?

PNG files: Portable Network Graphics. These print out like photos. You can print and cut them out by hand.

SVG files: Scalable Vector Graphics. These can be used with any digital cutting machine (Cricut, Cameo, Scan 'N Cut, etc.) to adjust the size of the image and print and CUT the image for you.

.studio3 files: These are specifically for the Cameo. If you do not have the Silhouette Design Studio software, your computer will not open these files.

But you do not need a digital cutting machine, because the PNG files are plenty. I hope you enjoy this new design and have a hopping good time with it!


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