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Storing Blending Tool Foam Pads

When I started using Distress Ink pads, I had only a few of them, and I was able to keep up with storing the foam pads for each one. However, I was richly blessed by a friend who wanted to gift me her entire collection of distress inks, and suddenly I knew I needed to do something different with those pads, or I would not use the inks as often as I could.

My first attempt was to attach pieces of Velcro to the bottoms of each ink case, and then secure the matching foam pads to those. The problem is that the pads made the cases so bulky that they would no longer stack, and I definitely did not like that. Time for plan B.

Then a friend shared a photo she had found of using small plastic bags to store the foam pads. I knew I wanted to do this, so I purchased 100 of the 2X3 inch zippered bags on eBay. I also knew that I wanted the white block style, so that I could write on the bag, and I wanted the 4 mil thickness so that they would be sturdy and hold up to the wear and tear of hanging on a book ring.

I am very happy with the results! You can click the photo to be taken to my tutorial.

One of my viewers also had a great idea -- if you punch the holes in the bottom of the bags instead of the top, you don't have to remove the bags from the ring to get to the color you want! Even if you don't zip the bag shut properly, the pad fits in the bag securely enough that it most likely would not fall out!.

I hope you enjoy this project -- it has made me a very happy crafter!


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