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Lolly Jolly Christmas Challenge!

I'm so thrilled (and deeply humbled) to be this close to 20,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I want to thank you all for your support. You have encouraged me along the way and watched the video ads so that I can fund the giveaways!

Wait! Did I just say "giveaways"? You betcha!

I want to celebrate by offering two lucky winners a prize of $40 each to their PayPal accounts. However, since I really want this to go to my crafty followers and not just anyone who happens to be interested in giveaways, there is a challenge involved.

I'm calling this the Lolly Jolly Christmas Challenge, and I think we'll all have fun with this!

DETAILS (also called requirements):

1. Create four new tags size #8 (6 1/4 X 3 1/8"). However, you may trim them to 6" X 3" so that you can use 6" paper pads to decorate them. Each of the tags should be different.

2. Make the tags either Christmas or winter theme.

3. Layer at least two different papers on top of each tag.

4. Add at least four different types of embellishments on each tag. Embellishments can include buttons, ribbons, lace, stickers, brads, flowers, enamel dots, Stickles, stamped images, ephemera, gems, die cuts, etc. Note that there needs to be four different embellishments. For example, four stickers won't qualify. Four chipboard pieces don't qualify, even if they are different chipboard pieces.

5. Insert a ribbon or other fiber through the hole in the top of each tag (this does not count as one of the embellishments).

6. Take one photo of all four tags together, with a hand-written (or typed) piece of paper in the photo. That paper should include your name and #LollyJolly. A photo that has been watermarked (edited on an app or software) to include this information does not count. Your name and #LollyJolly needs to be on a piece of paper in the photo. Scroll down for a photo example.

7. Email the photo to by the deadline (NOVEMBER 10th). Let me know what your name is on YouTube, too.

8. By emailing your photo, you consent to the use of your photo in my blog +/or video.

9. Participants must be 18 years or older in order to enter the giveaway, but younger participants may still play along with the challenge!

10. Have fun!

Some more minor details:

If you share your pictures on Instagram or social media, please tag the photos #LollyJolly.

That's it! It's really simple. You don't even have to mail me your tags. You get to keep them or give them in a swap!

I have some blank tags in my shop if you need some, but it is not necessary to purchase them from me. You can cut your own out of card stock or file folders. If you do wish to order blank tags, click the image below:

Winners will be announced after November 10th, when I reach 20,000 subscribers, so make sure you check on YouTube for the announcement. Any winner who does not comment on the winner announcement video within one week of the announcement will forfeit his/her prize, and a substitute winner will be chosen.

Here is an example of how to submit a photo of your four tags and the paper with the info on it:

You can also watch the video announcing this challenge here:

I think that's about it! Let's get creating and have a #LollyJolly time of it!


P.S. Normally, I announce a giveaway after I reach my goal. This time I'm announcing early, because some of us want to use these tags in a swap, and we need to mail them before December.

disclaimer: Some of the links on some of my videos and some of my blog posts are affiliate links. That means that by purchasing through the link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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