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Freebie Valentine "BINGO" Cards

I want to thank you all for following my little crafty corner! I hope you are enjoying this holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day)! I want to help pass along some festive vibes by giving you another freebie. I had planned on putting this in my shop as a digital download, but why not just give it away, right? It's a set of two 4X6" game cards like vintage BINGO cards. There is one of each on the free PDF file.

Love game cards by Lolly

I'm working on a project which I'm calling a Flip Junk Journal. So in other words, it's a journal with a variety of papers in it and several flips / interactive elements.

This project will be done using the Kissing Booth collection from Simple Stories -- the Collector's Essentials (larger of the two kits). You can obtain the kit by clicking this image:

In addition to this kit, I wanted to be able to add some custom elements, so I created these two cute BINGO style cards to add to my journal. To download this PDF file, click the image below:

Love game cards by Lolly

If you'd like to share this freebie with friends, please give them the link to this blog post rather than sending them the file directly. Thank you!

Holiday hugs,

~ Lolly

disclaimer: Some links on my blog may be affiliate links. By purchasing through those links, I earn a small commission at no added cost to you.

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