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Tag, You're It!

Oftentimes, my desire to create is fueled by my desire to send an encouraging word (or two) to a friend. Such is the case with this project. I wanted to create something simple, pretty, easy to make, and encouraging to a friend. I thought you might want to do so as well, so I designed these tags with the idea of sharing the images free. Below you'll find a PDF icon and an SVG icon. Click the icons to get a free downloadable file to make these fun tags.

I have a tutorial on how to make the tags here:

For the free files, click the images below to download each freebie -- you do not have to have a Dropbox account.

I hope you have a blessed day and have fun encouraging your friends with these tags.

If you wish to share the free files, please direct your friends to this blog post rather than sending them the files. Thank you!

Let's get tagging,


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