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My Craft-Themed Planner for 2021

Thank God a new year is coming, right? Every December I design a new planner for the upcoming year, and this time I wanted to use this delightful paper collection designed by Lori Whitlock. It's craft-themed, so how perfect is that? I'm creating a creativity planner!

I made some inserts in my first video, and then in upcoming videos I'll embellish these and make a cover and closure. The perky colors and theme are really motivating me for this new year!

You can watch the tutorial here:

If you would like to have your own downloadable calendar pages, you get get the Sunday start calendar here and the Monday start calendar here. If your friends would also like a copy, please send them here to get their own, rather than forwarding my free downloads to them. Thanks so much!

I hope you enjoy designing my 2021 planner process and want to try your own! Blessings,


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