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The Lolly Peep Design Team

My own design team? Who knew? I have been blessed to have my talented friend Connie use some of my digital designs on projects in the past. Now, out of the blue, I have two design team members who are using materials from my shop to create projects! Let's take a look at the free products I sent them. You'll want to check it out in case you want to play along with them. This stuff is SO fun!

If you like gnomes, you're going to LOVE this kit I put together. Come watch Julie open it:

If you like Graphic 45, you'll flip for this die set that I sent Sally:

This might be the beginnig of a future expansion of the Lolly Peep Team! Who knows?

Thank you for stopping by. I wish you well! ~Lolly

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2020년 5월 05일



2020년 5월 05일

yay! Congratulations on a new Design team. I can’t wait to see what is created

love both sets sent❤️

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