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Love and Crafting

Happy February to you all, and happy Valentine's Day! I decided to share four projects in one blog. YAY! :)

First off, I had this cute white mini mailbox on my shelf just waiting to be decorated. What a perfect time to decorate a mailbox -- February, the month of love letters! I received a design team kit from Aunty Vera Scrap and Craft for February, and you will see kit items throughout the first three projects. I guarantee you'll fall in love with that kit, as I did! If you just want to see the kit contents, it's here:

I love this project so much -- the colors and theme are so perky, but also those mini cards are just too fun to make!

Next, keeping with the "let's decorate something metal" theme, I decorated a blank metal tin to hold chocolates (dark Dove chocolates, to be precise!).

And then, one of my sweet Lolly Peeps sent me a bag of goodies -- thin plastic cases that hold Post-It type flags. I had to have a go at them and play with the Valentine's theme on them, turning them into little Valentine card keepsakes. Time to repurpose!

And, finally, another repurpose project -- using thrift store frames to make large shakers! These are so cute hanging on the wall!

There you have it! Four different projects all full of love and sweetness! I love crafting with pink, red, burgundy, and hearts during this month; it's so uplifting. I've already sent three of these projects as gifts to others and am so excited to be able to share them.

Be sure to check out Aunty Vera Scrap and Craft blog:

and website:

Have a crafty day! ~Lolly

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