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Memorydex Freebie SVG File

As you may have noticed, I have been having great fun making Memorydex Cards. These are basically Rolodex cards but somewhat taller. What are they for? What are the measurements? For all the basics, you can watch this:

If you are interested in knowing how to store them and how to alter a box to fit the cards, you can watch this:

And, if you are interested in making your own storage file box from scratch, you can find help here:

I hope all that helps you get started! I also have other videos all pertaining to Memory Dex cards, such as how to make your own holes on the cards if you don't have the punch or dies:

I hope this inspires you! Under each video, there are links to the Memory Dex Swaps Facebook group and some supplies.

Now, are you ready for a FREEBIE? I designed these tabbed dividers to work in your Memory Dex file system. It is an SVG file, so it's for your digital cutting machine such as a Cricut or Cameo. You can use them as dividers or just cut and decorate as you would a standard card. Click on the image below to get the link and choose to download directly (then you won't need a Dropbox account).

I hope that inspires you for many months! Blessings,


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