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Why Another Facebook Group?

Do we really need another group? That's a great question. First of all, I already have a Facebook PAGE. What's the difference between a page and a group? A page is a site on Facebook that you "like" -- it's similar to "liking" Starbucks, Target, or Michaels. On a page, you see posts and can comment on them, but that is the limit of the interaction. A group, however, is more like a small club that you join. You get to interact more and post pictures.

I had come to realize that many of my followers wanted a way to interact with me in a different way. They wanted to share pictures of the projects they did after being inspired by one of my videos. So, I created a new group this week called Lolly Palooza Peeps. If you click on the Lolly Palooza Peeps photo above, you'll be taken to the group.

Is this "just another craft group?" No, not really. It is a home for all artistic inspiration, whether paper crafts, yarn crafts, sewing, painting, jewelry making, wood working, or other creative endeavor. You get to share your creative work, your creative website, and even your creative Etsy shop. I have also shared a free Lolly Peeps logo with the group and hope to share more in the future.

I realize that many of you are not on Facebook. Some of you have never been there, and some are leaving Facebook for various reasons. I want to let you know about another alternative. It's called MeWe. MeWe is very similar to Facebook except that there are NO ads and NO tracking (or sharing) of your information with other sources. It's a safer alternative. I have an account there, too.

<<< Click on my image to the left to be taken to my account on MeWe and set up your account. I currently have a group set up for Cameo Beginners, but if enough people join MeWe and want a general craft group there, I can set one up.

Thank you for all the encouragement on this wonderful crafty journey!


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