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Valentine Freebie Two: Heart Pockets & Cards

Happy 2019 to you all! I'm back working on my Flip Junk Journal for Valentine's Day, and as usual, I designed something I wanted as an embellishment for the journal. So here it is! I am sharing two free PDF files with you. One is for making heart pockets:

and the other for making heart cards:

You can either print them off on plain card stock and cut them out to use over and over as a pattern to trace on your paper, or you can print them directly on your patterned card stock to cut out.

I have a video sharing how I'm starting to use these images:

To receive your free downloads, click on the two photos on top. Remember if you wish to share these with friends, please give them the link to this blog post instead of sending them the PDF files directly. Thank you!

Happy 2019,

~ Lolly

disclaimer: some of the links on some of my blog posts are affiliate links, meaning I may receive a small commission when you shop using them. There is no extra cost to you when you purchase using those links.

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