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Ugly Chair Makeover

What do you do with an old chair? I bought a wooden chair years and years (eons, really) ago, thinking I would refinish it. By "refinish" I mean strip the old varnish and stain off, and then redo them. After all, that's all I knew that could be done with a wooden chair.

We have several pieces of antique furniture in our home that we have refinished in this manner, and they are gorgeous. I really do love the look of antique furniture. But this chair? Not so much. I knew it need a cuteness overhaul!

I cleaned it, coated it in Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint in the caviar color, and then polka-dotted it happily.

I explain more about the process in my video, PLUS there is a little surprise giggle to start it off! Come see for yourself:

Thank you for watching. This "new" chair is my craft chair now, and I do love it so!


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Product recommendations:

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